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Myself at golden gate with longer than usual hair.I’m Praateek Mahajan, a Data Scientist at Iterable, where we work on helping companies reach out to the right audience more efficiently. I did my Masters from Johns Hopkins University at the Department of Computer Science. My area of focus was on machine learning, mostly focussing on Deep Learning, including research to learn meaningful representations of surgical motion using VAEsdistinguishing individuals with organizations on twitter and a lot more.

Currently working on trying to increasing the probability of user engagement, ensuring the right content reaches (or not) to the right (or not) customers, stack mostly includes  PySpark, PyTorch, Scala. 


PyTorch hackathon: 1st prize Metalearning library for PyTorch.

Facebook F8 Hackathon: 1st prize for building a bot to help African SMEs to learn more about export regulation to USA.

ThinkQuest: Oracle Education Foundation (2011): Was awarded the 1st prize among 80,000 participants under the application development category.

International Assesment for Computer Science (2007): I received Distinction (Top 1%ile in age, Top 10%ile in the region) by University of New South Wales.

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