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PS : Haven’t update this page since 2017. But most of it is about past and still true.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

I like to find problems in day to day life and work on them.  In the whole process of figuring out these problems, I end up learning a lot of stuff that was never planned. My interests primarily include acquiring data and working on that data. Having the proclivity to solve problems since early childhood, I frequently found myself googling, and asking people, figuring whatever tools/means required to solved them – not always have I been successful, but mostly I did learn something or the other. Today machine learning, computer vision, home automation are something I keep myself involved with.

I became a person who was stuck to the computer screen the day my parents got a personal computer at home in 2003. Heavily influenced by the social networking site Orkut in 2007, I saw a fake profile maker available in different communities (now what we refer to as Facebook groups). Feeling the need to have the software, I learnt Visual Basic and made a Fake Profile Maker using WebBrowser1.Navigate, disposable email addresses and a for loop. This is when coding started to intrigue me. And now I can say it’s been around 10 years I have been using this small set of skills that I have and keep developing, to solve real/unreal problems that I face every day.

I’m open to collaborate and speak with anyone- if they have anything to do with the -keyword technology.

PS: Checkout my projects and if you find any project on which you can collaborate with me or improvise it further, feel free to drop me a mail.


  • Was awarded the 1st prize among 80,000 participants in ThinkQuest: Oracle Education Foundation under application development.
    While co-heading the Computer Club in my school, one of the tasks I was responsible for was to teach my fellow club-mates basics of PHP and MySQL. Driven by this idea, I made a CMS with PHP/MySQL tutorials. Later I turned this website into a CMS that could be a plug-and-play application for starting your own tutorial site.
  • I received Distinction (Top 1%ile in age, Top 10%ile in the region) by University of New South Wales in their International Assesment for Computer Science.


Having completed my undergrad in a predominantly business college, I was introduced to entrepreneurship cell in my first year and have ever since been involved with the startup industry. However, this did not restrain me from gaining an experience in the corporate field.

Engineering Experience

  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited – Machine Learning Intern – January 2017 – May 2017
    (R, Octave, Python)
    TPDDL is one of the major power providers of the Delhi region. Our team was being led by one of the highest ranked Maintenance Engineer at TPDDL. At TPDDL, I along with two more members worked on :


    1. Conducting a  preliminary research investigation in predicting employee attrition within company. We used SVM and KNN, and provided the HR with the most important parameters (with highest weights) so that they can take proper actions.
    2. Developed a large-scale framework using ElasticSearch for information extraction to reduce search time. Being a power provider, often addresses needed to be searched and reports needed to be compiled. The whole process would earlier take minutes, and we reduced the runtime to few seconds.
  • – Backend Engineering Intern – 2016
    (Ruby, Sinatra, Cassandra, Redis, Kafka, Kong) acts as a new layer that allows you to get detailed analytics without breaking your present workflow. It is a plug and play middleware that can be used in your existing app/website. I worked on setting up a system that would save the pages visited by a user, compile the data, and predict the most likely page/product that he is supposed to visit/buy. More than a mere metric of the products sold it helped understand which user visited a particular product but did not purchase it. These records gave us an understanding of the class of users interested in a product but who did not buy it for whatsoever reasons, and which product they purchased. This helped in making campaigns more targeted with a better idea of crowd.
  • ZoRoomsFull Stack Intern – 2015
    (Python, Django, PostgreSQL, C#)
    Funded by TigerGlobal and now acquired by OyoRooms, ZoRooms was one of the only budget hotel rooms aggregator in 2015. I worked on setting up a new portal, which opened the likes of Taxi Drivers and Travel Agents to book hotel rooms for their clients on a comission basis.
  • SocialCops – Backend Engineering Intern – 2014
    (BackboneJS, Marionette, Kinvey (mBass), Mongo, NodeJS, D3)
    In my first summer break at college, 2014, I interned with SocialCops as a Backend Engineering Intern. I worked on a data collection portal, now called Collect, which is used by various philanthropies, governments and organisations to collect, visualise and analyse data.

Other Experience

  • YUVA Entrepreneurship Cell – Advisory Member


    The ECell of SSCBS is one of the most active ECells in University of Delhi. I joined YUVA in my first year of college and took various jobs from handling the logistics of events, to starting a new portal that connected entrepreneurs with interns. Pivotal part of a team that won a grant of INR6.5cr from Delhi Government. Also organised the annual entrepreneurship conference titled WYSIWYG at Google, Gurgaon.

  • Indus Action Foundation – On field Volunteering for RTE
    The government reserves 25% seats for Economically weaker sections of the society and Disadvantaged groups in private schools. The people eligible to enroll their students in private schools are generally unaware about the privilege that they can en-cash. Our job was primarily to cover these certain disadvantage sections of the society, raise awareness and help them with the entire procedure of application. We successfully reached out to 44,000 families.
  • Capital Harley Davidson India – Business Development Intern – 2015
    I worked with Capital Harley Davidson, the largest Harley showroom in India. I researched on  competitor marketing mix and strategies, made suggestions for ancillary merchandise sale, visual merchandising and analyzed previous sales, competitors to help create a marketing strategy for the Street 750, the entry level bike of Harley Davidson in India.

Courses (Enrolled in or Completed)

  • Academic
    • Machine Learning Course by Andrew NG
  • Extra curricular
    • Basic Mountaineering Course
      A 26 day intensive Mountaineering course by the Government of India.
    • Talerang
      With the urge to really explore the managemnt/business side of the coin I enrolled myself with Talerang – a work readiness program, which started in Harvard.